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    SRE and ML: Why It MattersSREcon22 Europe/Middle East/AfricaTodd Underwood
    SRE Is Weird, Down the StackSREcon22 Europe/Middle East/AfricaJohn P. Looney
    Schema-First Application TelemetrySREcon22 Europe/Middle East/AfricaYuri Shkuro
    Navigating in the DarkSREcon22 Europe/Middle East/AfricaNati Cohen
    The Math of Scalability SREcon22 Europe/Middle East/AfricaAvishai Ish-Shalom
    How Can SRE Help Security Governance? Sub-title: How to Unstuck GRC with SRESREcon22 Europe/Middle East/AfricaMario Platt
    An SRE Guide to Linux Kernel UpgradesSREcon22 Europe/Middle East/AfricaIgnat Korchagin
    Rock Fishing and Incident Analysis: Increasing InsightSREcon22 Europe/Middle East/AfricaThai Wood
    Caching Entire Systems without InvalidationSREcon22 Europe/Middle East/AfricaPeter Sperl
    Emotional Disaster Recovery: Debugging the Self with Effective MonitoringSREcon22 Europe/Middle East/AfricaTao Hansen
    Dissecting the Humble LSM Tree and SSTableSREcon22 Europe/Middle East/AfricaSuhail Patel
    Over Nine Billion Dollars of SRE Lessons - the James Webb Space TelescopeSREcon22 Europe/Middle East/AfricaRobert Barron
    Unified Theory of SRESREcon22 Europe/Middle East/AfricaEmil Stolarsky
    SRE in EnterpriseSREcon22 Europe/Middle East/AfricaSteve McGhee, James Brookbank
    The Repeat Incident Fallacy: What Jurassic Park Can Teach Us about IncidentsSREcon22 Europe/Middle East/AfricaEmily Ruppe
    Honey, I Broke the Things: Debugging Gray Failures in Production!SREcon22 Europe/Middle East/AfricaRadha Kumari
    Principled Identification of "Root Causes" Using Techniques from Safety EngineeringSREcon22 Europe/Middle East/AfricaLaura de Vesine
    A Better Way to Manage Command Line Tools: What We Learned from the Desktop Software Industry to Improve Command Line Application DevelopmentSREcon22 Europe/Middle East/AfricaBo Hou
    A Case Study in Chaos Testing: Uncovering Kernel Scaling IssuesSREcon22 Europe/Middle East/AfricaGary Liku
    Going from 30 to 30 Million SLOsSREcon22 Europe/Middle East/AfricaAlex Palcuie
    Slack's DNSSEC Rollout: Third Time's the OutageSREcon22 Europe/Middle East/AfricaRafael Elvira
    Passing the Torch - Building a New Grad Program to Mentor the Next Generation of SRESREcon22 Europe/Middle East/AfricaChris Stankaitis
    Disaster Recovery Testing at Booking.comSREcon22 Europe/Middle East/AfricaYoann Fouquet, Paola Martinucci
    Making the Impossible Impossible: Improving Reliability by Preventing Classes of ProblemsSREcon22 Europe/Middle East/AfricaChris Sinjakli
    Commas Save Lives, or at Least LinkedInSREcon22 Europe/Middle East/AfricaTodd Palino